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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

OU Health Sciences
College of Medicine


OU Health Sciences Center
The University of Oklahoma
940 S. L. Young Blvd., BMSB 842A
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

PHONE: (405) 271-2227 
E-MAIL: paul-deangelis@ouhsc.edu
 WEB: academic page
RELATED OU LINK: w3.ouhsc.edu/biochem


arrow 00HSC022 Chondroitin Synthase Gene and Use Thereof
arrow 01HSC012 Heparin and heparin-like polysaccharides, their snythases, and Uses Thereof
arrow 03HSC001 Use of mutant or chimeric polysaccaride synthases to produce novel polymers and use thereof: addition of novel hexosamines
arrow 03HSC011 Synthesis & Polymer Grafting of High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid by Polysaccharide Synthases
arrow 03HSC031 Heparin and heparin-like polysaccharides, their synthases, and uses thereof
arrow 04HSC022 Production of Defined Monodisperse Glycosaminoglycan Polymers with Polysaccharide Synthases
arrow 05HSC001 Selective Disease Treatment with Specific Glycosaminoglycan Polymers
arrow 06HSC029 Hyaluronan Synthase/Transporter Technology for HA Production
arrow 06HSC045 Expression of PmCS in Bacillus
arrow 07HSC012 Production of Defined Monodisperse Heparosan Polymers and Unnatural Polymers with Polysaccharide Synthases
arrow 97HSC020 Group C Hyaluronan Synthase Gene and Uses Thereof
arrow 98HSC027 A Unique Hyaluronan Synthase from Pasteurella Multocida and its Utility for Polymer Production
arrow 99HSC020 Polymer Grafting by Polysaccharide Synthases (PmHas)
arrow 02HSC040 Nano Hyaluronic Acid and Methods of Making and Using Same
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About DeAngelis

Paul DeAngelis is both a scientist and entrepreneur.

Technology developed by DeAngelis, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, is the basis of three OU spin-off biotech companies: Choncept, Heparinex and Hyalose.

Choncept focuses on the production of chondroitin sulfate, part of a protein molecule naturally found in cartilage of the body. Choncept’s chondroitin is created by fermentation of recombinant bacteria to replace the current chondroitin source of beef, shark and other animal by-products; the new product avoids such detrimental issues as Mad Cow disease, allergies and depleting endangered species. Modified chondroitin is currently used in eye surgery and nutraceuticals for joint health, and is being tested as a new anti-coagulant.

Heparinex creates methods of producing bacteria for heparosan and in vitro-defined polymer syntheses. The company’s commercial focus is on the novel recombinant synthesis of compounds for the growing anti-coagulation market and the replacement of Botox, collagen and hyaluronic acid as a cosmetic wrinkle remover.

Hyalose, formed to commercialize several unique recombinant technologies of DeAngelis and Paul Weigel, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology. Hyalose has licensed one of its technology platforms, hyaluronic acid production by fermentation, to Novozymes Biopolymer A/S. This product is now on the market for use in eye drops and moisturizers; medical device applications (ocular and joint) are in development. Other platforms employ defined HA syntheses for improving chemotherapy drugs and developing novel therapeutics targeting inflammation, cancer and wound healing.

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